Friday, June 24, 2016

Days 2 and 3

Things are still going well! It's nice to just try listening to my body and eat when it's hungry, try to make better choices, and try not to overeat. I mean, it's pretty simple, right?

With this warm weather and my activity levels being what they are, I'm drinking mucho mucho agua. Like, over a gallon of water each of these two days.

We played tennis last night (40 minutes) and tonight (a full hour). I bought a bunch of plants today and gardened a little bit – not as much as I had planned, but enough to make me sweat a bit for sure.

Best of all, I'm just feeling very positive and in control. I feel good. I want to see how many days I can keep this up. Forever would be nice!

I was proud of myself for my dinner choice. My partner suggested getting take-out from a place nearby that has the BEST fish fry (beer battered haddock or yellow pike, french fries, cole slaw). I really liked the idea, but I also really wanted to eat better than that, so he got a regular fish fry, and I got mine broiled instead, and chose a baked potato instead of french fries. It was still very tasty and satisfying, and my partner gave me a nibble of his battered pike (which, by the way, is such a delicious, clean-tasting fish) so win-win!

At this moment, I am NOT drinking some of the delicious beer we bought a growler of today. I had a sip and it's delicious, but right now I have different priorities and drinking a rich, high-calorie beer is not as high on the list as what I'm trying to accomplish.

I am not feeling deprived. I feel like I am making choices, and that is powerful.

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