Sunday, June 19, 2016

Digging Out

The other day I posted about really struggling lately. Nothing new, I know, something that I cycle through quite a lot. The good news is that I have been through this enough times to know that if I can just hang on long enough I'll get by. I'm also never afraid to ask for help, so I did that here and I did it on my Facebook page. It generated some good reminders, some encouragement, and some tough love (I like the last the best, for the record, so thank you, Jewel!). Part of me hates putting myself out there all whiny and vulnerable like that, but it does the trick every single time, so as long as people will put up with it, I will keep that in my survival toolbox.

I ended up having just about a perfect weekend, just what I needed. On Friday after I posted here and on FB, I decided to go out and work in my front garden, which needed a LOT of tidying. Last year we didn't do a vegetable garden and I pretty much ended up neglecting my flower beds, for shame. However, I was able to get quite a lot done in just an hour that evening and my mood was significantly improved – not to mention I built up quite a sweat. So, it wasn't a run, it wasn't a walk, but it was definitely exercise. Gardening and yard work is among my favorite ways to be active!


All perennials, all the time! I need to do some separating out and rearranging next.
I continued that project to extend around the corner along the side of the house on Saturday as well, over two hour's worth! Getting so involved in all that, I forgot that I needed to do a load of laundry so that I would have something to wear later that night for the 4th Annual June Ladies' Birthday celebration. I ended up also taking a nap and getting the load into the dryer a little later than I should have, so I'm texting the ladies saying how late I'd be for our dinner... to which lady Kate replied,

Ack, how much do I love that?

Anyway, backing up... Saturday morning my partner and I got out early before it got too hot and played an hour's worth of tennis. It was our first time out in at least a week – it felt like forever – and so I was definitely rusty. But, we ended up playing one set and by the end I felt like normal again. We were done by 10am and the sun was already blazing down and we were both covered in sweat. Great stuff. 

The birthday celebration later on was awesome. The four birthday ladies – Lizz, Molly, Kate, and me – met up for dinner at Buffalo's Providence Social for small plates and awesome cocktails. As has become tradition, we then proceeded to Essex St. Pub to hang out with our larger circle of friends for the rest of the evening. We were out late, I was tired! I was also kind of proud of myself for being very balanced all through the night – not too excessive about anything. It felt good, and it was wonderful to be around lots of friends even if I was feeling a little passive in my socializing. 

Me, Molly, Lizz, and Kate – the June Birthday Ladies!

Today was more low-key and I was happy to sit out on the back patio and finish reading my latest book interspersed with some very light weeding in the side garden... and then C. proposed taking a drive in the afternoon, and we found ourselves in Wilson, NY for lunch at Woodcock Brothers Brewery, where we each had the best cheeseburgers ever. Like, ever. 

Among all this I ended up back down a few pounds to 286 which was a huge relief. My approach of making sure to be active in whatever way I can is obviously so important. I was able to enjoy some delicious food and drink all weekend, realign myself with my goals and desires, hang out with people I love, and just BE and feel good about myself. 

I'm wrapping up the weekend with my last glass of diet soda in the house for... well, for a long time. I'm looking forward to getting back fully to my water habit not just at work (which has been consistent all along), but back at home as well. It's good to start a new week with so many positive feelings. 

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