Friday, September 9, 2016


Oh hai!
I'm feeling good this morning and wanted to share since I've been mostly whiny lately.

I met up with my friend Janice for a run along the Niagara River at 7:30. As always, my goal is to run at least a mile. Today, it was all I could muster. The humidity was brutal! I just looked up the weather and it says that now (an hour or so later) it's 75 degrees and 77% humidity. Ouch! So that didn't help. That said, I made a good effort and also got a good mile walk in on the way back, so all told I had a pretty nice half hour+ workout to start my day!

How could I have forgotten how wonderful a way it is to start out the day? Silly me. The photo above is me in the bathroom at work after the run because I forgot to take a selfie at the park. See how glowing I am? Wonderful.

Yesterday I had a pretty OK eating day aside from the last candy bar I had on my person, and some leftover bargain frosting that I ended up tossing in the trash, finally. I still need to log my dinner, which was an impromptu but very lovely vegetarian pasta dish – leftover penne in butter, dressed up with sauteed swiss chard with garlic and some olive oil, a small tomato from our garden, and topped with a sprinkle of freshly grated parmesan. I had some delicious cheddar cheese, too – we have three kinds in our fridge right now! 

I also did not eat dessert or snack later on, and I also did not have any alcohol. 

This morning I decided to weigh myself, and it wasn't pretty. My heaviest in a long time, 298.8. SO close, TOO close to 300. Well, dudes, I am kicked into gear. I am going to make this happen again. I will lose weight. I'm not going to repeat the piece of history I have repeated way too many times. I will be my own exception to the rule. 

My plan for today: free bagel with butter at the office for breakfast, probably free Subway for lunch (I have enough points so a roast beef sub, baked chips, no cookies), a reasonable dinner (we were talking about a simple chicken stir-fry).

Oh my god, I am SO NOT GIVING UP.

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