Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OK, so...

Here it is Tuesday, and I still have not gone out for a run or even a walk. I NEED to try, desperately, I know it. It's that Catch-22 situation: I know that if I start up again, I will have more energy, but I haven't had the energy to start up again!

I can make all the excuses in the world and it's not going to get me anywhere. Lately, food has been my utter salvation. I hate saying that, but it's the truth, and if this blog is good for anything, it's for laying it on the line, unabashedly. This week hasn't been good for anything except feeling completely neurotic and lazy and short-sighted, and while blaming it on PMS is somewhat justified, it doesn't make me feel any better.

It's gotten really cold outside again, but it's been sunny. I think tomorrow is supposed to get back up to the freezing mark (meaning up to 32 degrees from, like, 9), so maybe, just maybe, I'll get on it.

But wait! I have a goal. I'd really like to run in the Run In the Mist 5K again this year, which takes place in June. If I start up the C25K program again this week, I will have plenty of time to get myself in shape to run in it. Who knows, maybe I could even best my time from last year -- I'd like to do it in 45 minutes. Yes, I know that sounds slow, but it'd be an excellent finish for me.

Things to think about for sure! Today I am wearing some of my old pants that were not quite my fattest pants but had become too big to wear. Now they fit perfectly, which is just so sad. How do I get back to where I want to be when food has become so important to me again?

Maybe I can figure it all out this time around. I don't know.

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  1. YOU CAN DO IT!! And frankly LOL 45 mintues doesnt sound slow to me at all!!

    Have a great day!