Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Weight Report

Weight: 326.6
Total Weight lost this week: 1.2 pounds
Total Weight lost this month: .8 pounds

And actually, I had been as high as 331.2 in the past month, so I consider this a great success. Just getting back into the right mindset. Still searching for the sweet spot — the best way for me to lose weight without feeling like I am giving much up (because look, otherwise I just won't stay with it). So many false starts, so much disappointment... but I am keeping on keeping on. Yesterday, I had a little sense in the back of my thick head that one day, I actually won't be considered fat anymore. I don't know, I have to be honest. I always say that my ultimate goal is NOT necessarily to be thin, but to just be comfortable, able, and healthy. But the truth is, I don't want to be fat anymore. I really don't. I'm sick of it.

Of course, my version of "not fat" is probably much different than say, society's version. But no matter. I have a glimmer of hope that one day I will achieve that ultimate goal, with a whole lot of other smaller goals in the meantime.

I was actually a little zinged this morning at the scale reading. Yesterday I was down to 325.8, and I had a really good day that included two larger meals (including breakfast), no snacking, and *drum roll please* a short walk! There a couple open houses in my neighborhood that I wanted to check out within walking distance, so I figured, what better an excuse to get exercising again? It only totaled up to about 3/4 of a mile and I wasn't wearing exercise clothing or anything (except sneakers, of course), so it wasn't like turbo charged. Still, I went at a fairly clip pace for me. It felt good. I felt like breaking into a run, even. I will leave that to next time.

So yeah. I had higher expectations for weigh-in this morning, having gone to bed with an empty stomach. Then again, that lovely TOM is coming up in a week or so, so I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised. It's always something.

I am just very pleased at the week overall. It leaves a lot of room for hope and future success. I am going to shape a new me for myself, and I am going to have fun doing it.


  1. It's a GOOD weigh-in. You are definitely headed in the right direction now! Let the momentum build...

  2. Congrats on that weight loss! As Cammy said, the scale is going in the right direction and, as I'm saying: a loss is a loss is a loss. *high five*