Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Weight: 328.8
+1.4 pounds


The Good News: I totally followed my plan yesterday. Drank the water, tracked the food and stayed within my calorie allotment (which, by the way stands at 2,267 calories -- hey, I'm BIG!), and even got in a little physical activity via housework (I was sweating!). So, I refuse to be mad or disappointed about this morning's weigh-in.

The Bad News: Well, it's that time of the month, which may be the culprit of this topsy-turvy alternate universe weigh-in. I'm supposed to be going down, not up! Argh! I'm wearing some extra-fat pants today because I am really feeling bloated and slightly yucky, and wearing extra-fat pants makes me feel not-so-fat -- because they're big and loose, you know? Not that I want to be able to even wear them at all, big and loose or no. But there you have it.

Summary: I made a step toward doing the right things. I DID do the right things. The reality is that the body goes through weight fluctuations from day to day, even within each day. Hormones come into play, blah blah blah. What it comes down to is that I did good yesterday, and I will continue to do good today. In order to combat the obvious water retention issues I have today (I can totally feel it), I'm going to try to drink at least 100 oz. of water and green tea... and just hang in there, you know? That's all I can do. No sense going back to the old crap. Eating in a more healthful way feels better, anyway. Seriously.



  1. Sorry no great advice other than what you already said to yourself lol Weight goes up and down depending on the day and the mood. You made changes to your system by eating and working out and drink water so its going to say "uh oh changes".

    As you said.. HANG IN THERE! You are doing great and you will do this!!


  2. Felicia, I can always count on you for a kind and encouraging word, thank you so much for sticking around with me! xoxo

  3. Congratulations on the on-plan day! I can totally relate to the TOM thing . . . same thing happens to me. You'll surely see a nice drop once TOM is over.

    Thanks for the encouragement re running. There is a nice track around the reservoir in Central Park that is a little gentler on the knees than asphalt - I may add that loop to my usual route, and start incorporating a few spurts of running while I'm up there.