Thursday, August 13, 2015

How Do You Lose 100 Pounds?

Well, it's different for everyone. But Dr. Sherry Pagoto asked me some questions about my experience so far for the Real Life Biggest Losers feature on her website.

You can read my responses here!

Dr. Sherry's FUDiet "club" on Facebook has been a great source of support for me. (FUDiet is NOT a diet, by the way.) You can sign up to join here. It's an intimate group of diverse people who I have really grown to respect and enjoy sharing the journey with.

This is on the heels of what has been kind of a crappy week for eating and exercise. But I'm OK – I'm not going anywhere! How could I now especially with this kind of recognition, especially?

(Yes, I love me some proverbial gold stars.)

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