Monday, August 3, 2015

July Goals Recap

I can wear my Swatches again! Finally. Now I just need some watch batteries...

Well, well! The end of July came and went and here I am leaving you all in suspense about how I did on my goals for the month!

Here's the lowdown, with the original list of goals and the results.

... lose 8-10 pounds.
I started at 281, and ended the month at 272. Nine pounds lost! Perfection.

... learn how to kayak.
Ack! Nope. I didn't get out there. But I have been talking to a friend who wants to do it, too, so August may just be the month!

... get my bicycle road-ready, suit up with some fun accessories, and ride!
Yes. I did. I haven't taken as many rides as I might have liked, but I did it. 

... go on a hike, even just a short one.
Aw, shucks. Another no. What can I say, tennis took over our lives! I still have hope to go on at least one hike before the end of August.

... play more tennis.
Well, yes, yes, and yes. We played 3-4 times a week, usually around an hour each time. My abilities have improved quite a lot in just the two months we've been out there!

... run four times a week.
With the advent of tennis taking over everything, I decided to try to balance things out a bit and go for three times a week for running. It seems to be working out pretty well. Of course, if I do four, that is great! But I am not stressing out about it.

... include stretching and strength exercises in my regular routine.
I never really got a good routine going, I am sad to say. I will continue working on this point, too. These two items are pretty important in the big scheme of things!

For the month of August, I want to keep up my physical activity to average 5-6 times a week, 45 minutes to an hour (or more!) each time. I also would love to lose another 8-10 pounds, possibly seeing below 265 if I play my cards right. Right now, after coming off a rather debaucherous and indulgent weekend, my big goal is to get into the 260s by mid-month, before I go visit my dad on the 14th. This could mean 269, or it could mean 265. Who knows? As usual, I just aim to lose something every month and keep the momentum going. That is good enough for me. 

P.S. It's been a really long time since I've been able to wear any of my watches – I have a small collection of Swatch watches that I've really missed wearing. Unfortunately it seems like my wrists are taking forever to shrink at all and it's only just now that I can fasten the strap on the last hole comfortably! From here on out, I will measure progress via watch strap holes. :)


  1. Great job hitting some of your goals this past month!

  2. Thank you, Sara! It was a fun month, and now I am looking forward to seeing what I can get done in August!

  3. You did amazing! That was a looong list of goals - we are only human and can only do one thing at a time, you know? You did great. You seem really, really active; I wonder if you were this active this time last year?
    Congrats on the Swatches, too! I had a Swatch that "got away" - fell in love with it at the store, but failed to buy, and then could never find it again. :( Wish I'd kept the ones I bought, but oh, well. Enjoy yours!

    1. Thanks! July was a good month. August turned out to be the opposite, but I guess some months will just be like that!

      Yeah, I have to dig out all my old Swatches and get some batteries. I really miss wearing a watch! :)