Sunday, November 15, 2015

Focused on Goals

Despite my crazy roller coastering lately, I still have faith that I can reach a solid goal or two by the end of the year. Normally I don't go for time-based goals anymore because of my poor experience with them in the past (got discouraged when I didn't meet them, gave up), BUT I think this time of year is as good as any to set some for further motivation as we close out 2015.

So here I will lay out what I'd to accomplish in the next month and a half.

Primary goal:

Ultimately, I'd like to see below 250 pounds by January 1st. That's probably stretching it a bit, especially seeing that I haven't had a big enough monthly loss to support that since I first starting losing weight back in May 2014. But, that's my big fantasy, and I'm going to shoot for it.

Secondary goals:

I'd like to see below 260 for the last weigh-in of this Ton of Fun session, which is December 5th. It seems a little ambitious considering my weight skyrocketed back up to 272 for this weekend's weigh-in, but I do think that I should be able to lose that recently gained weight fairly quickly and then take care of the extra 6-7 pounds needed for that. I really think if I can regain my focus it is possible.

See, then the sub-250 goal for the end of the year would be totally doable, too.

If all else fails, at the very least I want to see sub-260 by January 1st, which would net me a 50 pound loss for 2015. Not too shabby!

Things I will be doing to make this happen:

 • Sticking to my 1900 daily calorie goal as much as possible.

• I signed up for a Winter Warrior running group that begins in early December to keep me active, in addition to gym time. (That said I may take it a bit easier this week because I have been pretty tired lately. Will listen to my body and work accordingly.)

Monday: Rest or gym
Tuesday: No Boundaries (probably walking)
Wednesday: PT
Thursday: Rest or gym
Friday: PT
Saturday: No Boundaries (probably walking)
Sunday: Rest or long walk

• Continue working on balancing my meals as much as possible. More protein, fewer processed carbs and sweets (only because they really seem to mess me up, especially during PMS when my cravings for them become nearly uncontrollable).

• Starting tomorrow, daily weigh-in – with the promise of no freak-outs – only to keep myself focused.

This week's goal:

Get back down into the mid-260s.

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