Monday, November 23, 2015

Wow! Woo!

I have shifted gears a bit in the name of Thanksgiving, as I talked about in yesterday's post.

This morning, I weighed in at 265 – which, as a reminder, is the lowest I've been so far on this journey. This means that any more loss this week is total gravy. Well, kind of. I'd really like to see 263 or less on the scale by the weekend.

Trying not get too excited, but I really think I will make this happen, even with Thanksgiving in the way!

To celebrate, I took a couple body shots post workout (and toweling down and changing clothes, of course). I am not a huge fan of these, but whatever. It's what I look like, hey! I should get over it! (Still, I look better in my head, go figure, argh body dysmorphia.) Clothing notes: new shirt from the Gap, size XXL; jeans from Kmart circa 2008, one of those items that was always much smaller than everything else the same size, that is 24. Otherwise, I'm well into pants sizes 22, 20... almost to 18. These jeans will likely be too big in another ten pounds or so.

Also, I got this in my inbox and this, and I read this. All good and relevant for what I've been going through and feeling lately, and maybe for you, too? (Gems from Jason at Strength Running, Nia at Lift Like a Girl, and Leo at zen habits. Enjoy!)

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