Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Was Fine

I had a lovely Thanksgiving, and hope you did, too.

As I do every year, I started in the kitchen early and ended up putting in several hours on my feet conducting what ended up being, as a whole, one of the best if not the best holiday dinner ever in the many years I've been at it.

The big bonus was that the whole time, I barely broke a sweat doing it. Seriously.

In the past, I have ended up literally covered in sweat by the time I was ready to put dinner on the table. Last year was better, but this year was the best. Sure, I was a bit tired after being on my feet much longer than I am used to, but I didn't need a shower and I felt pretty darned good sitting down to feast.

Looking back on last year, I ate one plate of food plus one dessert and one glass of wine. This year, I treated myself to a light breakfast (two eggs over easy and an English muffin) to tide me over until our early dinner, had a heaping plate, but drank a LOT of wine over the course of the day – close to two bottles, to be honest.

I also ended up NOT doing my own personal Turkey Trot, but that's OK. This morning I had a PT appointment first thing in the morning followed by a fun run at Fleet Feet, the Waffle Run, which – you guessed it – involved waffles and all the toppings afterward. I ended up doing two really good miles at my fastest pace in a while, just a sliver over 15 minute miles!

This week saw a low weight of 264 but for no good reason the morning of Thanksgiving it was 266. Still not bad, not far from where I wanted to be. This morning, the day after, post-run? 266, thank you very much. I'm hoping that I'll see 265 at official weigh-in tomorrow.

We went to visit my mom today and brought leftovers over to share. While I did have a small waffle this morning, we just ate the one big leftover meal at lunchtime and some pie for dessert, and that was it.

Tomorrow I've got No Boundaries WalkFit and will get another short run in after.

I felt a little stiff and tired today, but glad I went out and got some activity in. It was a beautiful day for it!

Here's to many more bountiful and enjoyable Thanksgivings... cheers!

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