Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ride the Waves

I want to do this in real life one day, but I am doing this figuratively every day.  Photo by Maria Georgieva.

The past few days – since the weekend, really – eating has been challenging. I want to say I've been doing my best, but am I? I don't know, probably not. I've got vicious cravings and I want to eat everything in sight, basically. While I haven't eaten everything, I've definitely been looser than usual and amassing about an extra 1000+ calories every day since Sunday. That will only mean one thing unless I reign it in stat, and that is: I WILL gain this week.

Not so much to make excuses for myself, but rather to analyze the why and how and wherefore of this? A few factors. First and foremost: PMS, no doubt about it. The cravings, oh man. But then there is also poor sleep over the weekend and since (except for the night before last when I slept for almost 12 hours  – I obviously really needed to catch up), plus the added fun of work-related drama/stress. There's been a situation that came to full light last week – an office affair (not mine!!!) that becomes even more complicated and unsavory but will spare the details – that affects all of us in the office. Stupid. On the surface I am mostly dealing with it but at the same time I know it's festering and totally bugging me, the whole injustice of it. Some emotional eating may be the result. I just want to eat ALL the food.

Of course, something else that might come into play as far as my appetite goes is the fact that I have upped my activity level a bit in the past few weeks, averaging fairly intense workouts 45 minutes to an hour a day, five or six days a week. Maybe my metabolism is increasing as a result? (Depending on what you read, yes or no. *shrug*) Either way, it's very real that my appetite seems to be increasing lately.

This is something I will definitely address with Mindy when I meet with her again next week, but maybe by then I'll be over it. It seems to come in waves.

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