Monday, March 28, 2016

More Like a Running Blog

Ladies' night out with some of the Running Pack! It's weird to see each other in real clothes and pretty hair and stuff.

Lately it seems like my focus in this blog has been on my running more than anything else – I guess because I feel like I have so much more control over it. Eating is, well... as I may have mentioned previously, I have a good week where it all feels comfortable and easy, and then I fall back into old habits that are really best left behind. I know this intellectually, and there are all sorts of reasons why I want to lose more weight, but it just isn't happening in a consistent way and I am trying to be kind to myself about it so that I don't totally go off the deep end. I guess, every other week of being in control or feeding my body in a good way is better than none, yes?

A terrible photo of an amazing tennis outfit I got from Tory Burch Sport. Luxury! (gift card!) Inspiring!

It's so tough because I really, really, really want to lose more weight. I know I will. But when am I going to get my mojo back? I've got so many reasons, and lately they seem a little more superficial, like the above outfit I picked using the gift card my dad and stepmom gave me from Tory Burch Sport. Good gravy, those clothes are so luxe. I really couldn't believe it when I opened the package. I had no idea. The scoop is that both the tank top and the tennis skirt are size XL, the largest available, and well... I have a little ways to go in order to wear these pieces in public. Not too far, mind you; I can wear the top but it's a little too snug for public consumption, and the skirt almost but not quite passed my hips. I didn't want to ruin it by pushing it. So, probably another 20-30 pounds and I'm in.

Tennis season approaches quickly and we're anxious to get on the courts... and I am anxious to wear my precious new outfit.

Well? I either make it happen, or I don't. But I have to. I want to.

All right, so back to running. It's become a big, important part of my life and I really enjoy it even when I am hating it, if that makes sense.

This past weekend I was thrilled to finally blast through a major mental block that was the 10K (6.2 miles) distance. We had a 5 mile group run on the schedule, but since I missed the 6 mile one the week before, I really wanted to conquer it once and for all... and while I was at it, shouldn't I just make it an even 10K? I mean, really!

With the help of mentor Vanessa this time, I did it, and I did it with mostly negative splits, too. It was on the slower side with an average pace of 15:12, but that was to be expected. I am very happy about it. The best part? The thing that has been worrying me about getting past 6 miles, my knee, has been FINE. It was fine during the run, and best of all was fine after and since. In fact, I'd wager to say that my knee has been feeling better than it has in a while.

From here on out, I know that I can, as long as I keep training smart, run any distance that I set my mind to. 10K feels like a major milestone that is also a kind of entry to a new kingdom. I'm not such a beginner anymore. It feels amazing.

The past few weeks I have been upping my mileage. One reason for that was to follow the training plan I had in place when I had the half marathon in June in mind. Another reason was, honestly, because I tend to be competitive and I've joined various online groups that keep track of mileage (walking/running/whatever) and I try to best myself and others – all in fun, of course. But today I was thinking more about this and realized that so many miles is not always needed, and it is not always good for you.

I've been shooting for 15 running miles each week, until today when I had to ask myself, why 15? I'm no longer following the training plan for the half, which would be taking me higher than that. I stopped and thought about what my goals are for spring and summer, and realized that I don't need to push it so hard, so fast. That maybe my mileage could be pulled back, and that would allow me the time and energy I want and need to incorporate strength training and stretching into my routine.

I was supposed to run two miles today, but was quite tired this morning and favored sleeping in. I thought then that I could walk two on my lunch break, but I stupidly left the house without a jacket and it was quite blustery and chilly today – not sure what I was thinking. Wishful, I guess? Long story short I made the executive decision to take the day off and fit in the miles somewhere else in the week.

But now? Now I am thinking, eh. Do I need to run five days a week? Maybe sometimes I will do that when I'm really feeling it, but I don't want to risk injury, and I want to keep it fun, not a chore.

So I guess for the time I have left in NoBo 3.0 (about another month), I'll just follow the plan and do the four weekly runs – two group runs and two homeworks – and just work on consistency and the eight miles that the program leads to. I'll have about a month off then before the next session of HFM begins (that's Half-Full Marathon training), a 14-week program that offers workouts for beginner and advanced half marathon and full marathon training. I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous about doing it in the heat of summer, but I also know that it will get me ready for the Wineglass Half in October. And, I mean, I did 2.0 in summer last year and I didn't melt. I know how to dress and prepare for that kind of weather. And I can always go back to 3.0 if I need to – though that is exactly the same thing I said as I was getting ready to start 3.0, and HELL NO am I dropping down, LOL!

Yeah. In the meantime I have a couple longer races I'm signed up for, and a couple 5Ks (see my "Races" button up top there). Maybe I will just focus on running those stronger, being more comfortable up to a 10K.

And in the meantime, how about I really get down to it and start losing weight again??? If I say it enough maybe it will finally stick?



  1. The tennis outfit looks so cute! But I personally have such painful memories of "goal clothes." Now, I make sure to buy things that I can wear and enjoy NOW; is this something you might be interested in at all? Because you definitely deserve to enjoy yourself and some cute clothes NOW, and not just "one day" - you know?

    Wendy @

  2. Hi Wendy, yes, absolutely – I totally agree with you. But I had this gift card and I went for the largest size they had. I know that I am going to lose more weight, so I will be wearing these clothes one day soon. There is no question. This was an exceptional circumstance for sure, but I tell you what! Having that outfit in mind has been helping me the past few days get back into the right mindset to continue on. :) xo

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    1. For sure! Chugging along... :) Glad to be on the journey with you!