Monday, March 7, 2016

Setting the Stage

I'm all set to start the week off on the right foot. After such a great weekend, I am feeling like I have my direction back and I am ready to try again. One thing that helped my resolve even more was reading almost all my blog entries from when I re-emerged back in May 2014. Turns out – and how quickly we forget – that I have been having the very same struggles and complaints all along. Stalled weeks (and months), slipping back into habits I didn't want to slip back to, etc. etc.

It's been the same way all along. I've had great moments, good moments, and plenty of not-so-good moments. The point is, I get back on the horse every time, and have for almost two years now. That means: PROGRESS. I'm still doing OK. I still want the same things for myself.

Today I am focusing on having one good eating day and I'm even logging it. I've got it all planned out already, so nothing to worry about for the rest of the day. I know what I am getting. Another step I took this morning was to pre-log all the exercise I'd like to do this week, and here it is in all its Workout Log glory:

(You can click to enlarge!)

Obviously once I actually do the stuff, the durations will get filled in as well, but for now – this is the plan. I'm going to start walking on my lunch breaks again, which will be very nice and just plain get me moving more. I've tacked on a yoga class to my Sunday rest day, and have put that on my schedule every Sunday through June so far. That's something I've been wanted to get back to forever, and that late Sunday morning will be the perfect time to recharge my batteries. I'm really looking forward to it.

Truth be told, I was going to get up early this morning and do the training that is on my schedule for Tuesday, but I can easily make Game Day with my NoBo training be part of that on Tuesday evening. We do 3 miles on Tuesdays that include a one mile warm up and cool down run, and a mile's worth of speed work (YUCK! LOL), so my plan is to get there early and run an extra easy mile beforehand. I was just SO tired this morning. The weekend really kicked my butt, so I don't feel too badly about wimping out. But I knew after that that I needed to come up with a good plan and make dates with myself and really commit to being as active as I like to be again.

So. Wish me luck!

Hoping to drop a few pounds this week and get firmly back on track.

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