Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holding steady

I'm holding steady at 317, which is fine by me considering the relative pig-out I had yesterday evening. Today I have also indulged for both breakfast and lunch, and will have to do my best to curb my eating enthusiasm for dinner and post-dinner time. Actually I feel quite gross at the moment after my (kind of unhealthy) Subway lunch; then again I do have my period which accounts for a lot. I'll blame both my overeating and unhealthy cravings as well as my bloated, yucky feelings to the dreaded That Time of the Month and call it a wash. I will be more than happy if I manage to maintain tomorrow, that is FO SHO. We'll see, and I will deal with it. Onward and upward, as I always say.

The antibiotics I started taking yesterday are definitely doing their job of breaking up my cold, but I still feel weak and tired. Crossing fingers that by the weekend, if not sooner, I can start on my Pilates DVDs. A note to those who are waiting to see what I think of them, I can tell you now from previous experience that Pilates are GREAT! They really work your "core" and make you feel strong and energized, if a wee sore at times. Totally worth the effort. Even if you are quite large as I am, you'll be able to do many of the moves required. At times, my tummy did get in the way, but as the weeks pass by you really notice a difference in your abilities. Pilates for Dummies is actually very good if memory serves me well, and you can get it on the cheap at Amazon -- I think mine cost just over $6.00. I also now have Pilates for Weight Loss for Dummies, which I have NOT tried before, so I can't speak to the differences between the two. Assured that I will review each thoroughly once I am equipped to do so! In the meantime, give the original Dummies one a shot; it is a good introduction to Pilates indeed.

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Don't push it too fast until you are all the way better or you'll have a relapse! For some reason Pilates for Weight Loss for Dummies cracks me up as a title.