Sunday, April 24, 2011

Broke it!

No, I didn't break a chair. I didn't break the scale. Ha ha.

Nope, I just broke my last lowest weight by .6 pounds this morning! I'm down to 306 today, and I couldn't be happier... well, unless I broke the 300 mark. I'll be there soon enough — honestly, hoping by the end of the week for that event. I'm totally on a roll. And I'm not talking dinner rolls, either.

Today is Easter, which doesn't mean anything to me as someone like me who does not identify as a Christian, but I'm going to a family gathering my cousin is having that is sure to have a huge spread of food. The one good thing is that I am not alone in my efforts to lose weight in my family, so I'll have plenty of support and commiseration; no doubt there will be plenty of on-program stuffs to eat. My practitioner said that as long as I try to stay away from really sweet desserts and try to eat limited amounts of obvious carbs, I should be good, so that is my plan. I'll have some turkey and some ham, and plenty of veggies. I would like to have a piece of my homemade cheese braid bread (it is rising as I type this!), and maybe some potatoes, but I think this will be a fairly easy event to navigate.

On top of having a plan, it really helps that I had a good weigh-in this morning. I do NOT want to back track at all — I want to keep making progress and show another loss tomorrow if I can help it. And, of course, I have the power to make all the right decisions here. Of that I am certain.

For those of you who celebrate it, happy Easter! One thing I can relate to as far as the story behind it goes is the rebirth, the rising from the dead. The further I go along, the more I feel like I am waking from a very long sleep, giving way to a new approach and outlook on life, despite any obstacles or mistakes I encounter along the way.

I am emerging from behind the rock and into the sunshine.

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  1. And we're all here encouraging you to stay here in the warmth of the sun. xxx