Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Good Day

As a follow up to my earlier post today, I wanted to check in and say that I had a good day! The only thing that I "shouldn't" have eaten was a tiny bit of goat cheese on my salad earlier and a tiny bit of olive oil I used in my shrimp and spinach saute for dinner. I did drink plenty of water, and the day was a bit on the physical side, as I stood quite a bit while teaching (hey, it's better than sitting all day!) and while taking a photography class earlier this evening. I'm actually pretty bushed, but feel accomplished and happy with how things went today overall.

That's the most important thing.

I must say, this third diet phase has been perhaps the most easy time so far of all. I guess that I'm getting more used to the amount of food, and that my body is perhaps less accustomed to eating crap all the time, so I don't get such intense cravings? Whatever it is, I'll take it. It feels great. Of course, it's nice that the cycle only lasts 18 days this time around. My goal will be to really keep the weight off during maintenance, unlike last time. I can do it!

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