Monday, November 10, 2014

5K redux

Today after work (and probably after dinner), I'll be headed out the door to walk (sprinkled with a little running) my second virtual 5K. I was going to do it yesterday and plain ran out of time. It's nice to have a rest day anyway, right?

Saturday I had an hour-long appointment with my trainer, among my last ones. I've been doubling up so that I fit them all in before my gym membership runs out on November 22nd. A double on Thursday and Saturday, too, and then Tuesday and Thursday the next and final week.

And then what?

More outdoor activities – neighborhood walks, hiking for sure. But I'm also going to carve out an area in my basement to do some at-home training. I've learned many good bodyweight exercises from my trainer and from various sources online – that will be my focus. I also want to start doing pilates again, and finally try yoga. I don't think I will have any shortage of physical activities I can do on my own, and I will certainly enjoy the convenience of simply walking down a short flight of stairs to work out, anytime I like.

Originally I had considered investing in a piece of equipment – namely, a rowing machine, but ultimately thought that I would be able to work out and strength train without spending the money. I'll likely get a good yoga mat at some point, maybe some more weights, but otherwise... I'll keep it simple.

I would love to hear what kinds of things you do at home to keep in shape! Do you have a favorite workout to share?

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  1. I do walk/jog intervals from home some days, usually shooting for 4-6 high-intensity intervals (I wear an HRM to measure this). Then, I cap off with some basic body weight work, like planks, side planks, pushups (1 or sets of 12-15), bicycles, crunches, and maybe some horse pose core work if I have the energy (that ish is hard!). I also recently saw this - maybe you've seen it? - which incorporates a lot of moves I do in my gym classes:
    (wall sits ehrmahgerd so. hard.)