Sunday, November 2, 2014


On my first hike back in late August, and on my latest hike this past weekend. Same jeans and hoodie.

So... just so that I don't forget, I wanted share some fun news.

Yesterday I walked my first 5K (just over it, actually!) in a long, long time. It was fantastic. I felt great the whole time and even ran for two short segments. It took just a minute or two over an hour.

Today I didn't expect to replicate the feat, but while on a hike with my partner today, we ended up walking about 3.6 miles! We were very slow – he was taking photos, so we stopped a lot – but we still covered the distance. Above is a photo I had him take of me to document the adventure. I weighed in at 318 pounds this morning, 54 pounds lost.

My sense of achievement in so many ways, pretty much through the roof. I know I have so far to go, but I have also come a long way. I am really making this happen. I will achieve my goals. 

There is no question.

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  1. There really is no question! You must feel high as a kite! Great job. Quite a difference in the photos, too.
    xo ~ Wendy