Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 3

Keeping up with Roni's Thanksgiving Challenge, today I went for a 30-minute walk on my lunch break as I so often do these days. I tell you what, though, if it wasn't for the challenge, I'd likely have stayed in! It's about 40 degrees and very, very, very windy. (Yes, it's that windy!) Not exactly the best walking weather.

Except that it kind of was. I ended up having an energetic and very pleasant outing! I'm starting to realize that being out in colder weather for walking and running doesn't bother me much – in fact, I think I kind of like it. I just have to remember that for the future, is all. It's easy to forget.

Today I am thankful to have a job with pretty OK benefits including vacation and personal time. This allows me to take off tomorrow ahead of the holiday, and I'll have off on Thursday and Friday as a gimme as well. Who doesn't love a five-day weekend? I know that not everyone has the luxury, and I am grateful.

Last night I also did my second round of the Seven Minute Workout thingy. I plan to squeeze it in every day – boy, it is challenging and makes you sweat in that seven minutes! Love it.

See you tomorrow with the next challenge update!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving, all you American folks?

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