Sunday, June 28, 2015

Getting Down to Business

Ah Sunday, how did you get here so quickly? Sundays are always a little sad, aren't they? At least this week I just have a three-day work week because of the 4th of July holiday, so there's that. And I may decide to take some vacation time around the long weekend, too. Hm.

Anyway. I've been feeling pretty thoughtful lately about stuff.

As you may know, my weight loss has slowed down a bit since the new year. I'm pretty OK with that as long as it's still happening (which it is), but sometimes it is a bit discouraging. I feel like I should have been way past the 100 pounds lost mark long ago, but I'm still hanging in the low 280s.

Hey, progress comes in all forms, I know. And honestly, if I really put in more effort, made more sacrifices, I could probably make the weight fall off me again. I'm really resistant to drastic measures, though, after so many taken in the past – and where did those get me? Now I am just determined to go slow and make sure I am creating a sustainable lifestyle for myself, because it is how I am going to live the rest of my life.

I must be patient.

At the same time, I wonder: What if I just went into high gear for a little while, even just a week or two? The beauty is that I have total control and can change back any time.

I guess because I am less than ten pounds away from that 100-pound mark I'm really antsy about it. Maybe I could just get myself to that point and then resume normal programming.


OK, I just had a conversation with my partner, who tends to be pretty hardcore about getting things done, and he's going to help me get that ten pounds off once and for all in the coming weeks. Basically, he'll be my personal Jiminy Cricket reminding me about stuff and helping me stay accountable. We agreed that my exercise level is good as is (usually about an hour a day, six days a week most weeks), but that I need to reign things in just a little bit so that I'm only eating what I need.

This will be a good chance for me to reset and start with a renewed enthusiasm.

I'm also motivated by the weight loss group I'm in at Fleet Feet. For that, my goal was to lose a total of at least 15 pounds by the end of the 12 weeks – partly because 15 pounds, but partly because that would put me at just over 5% lost, which would entitle me to a second $25 gift certificate at the store. (The first is earned by losing 2% of your initial weight and weighing in at least eight times during the program.) I'm going to have be really focused to reach this goal, but I just know I can do it – I've already lost seven, so eight pounds in the next four weeks? (Maybe even ten?) I don't like doing time-based weight loss, but for this, I will make an exception. Let's do this! I want to get it done!

Finding myself back down to that point puts me not too very far away from the lowest weight I got down to since my 20s – in the 250s. I'm remembering myself at certain weights and know that in the low 230s, I felt relatively "normal". This was also the time when my then-boyfriend said to me, "You're fine now, but don't gain any more weight." Ugh. This is obviously NOT the boyfriend I have now.

Realizing that I am just 50 little pounds away from that is pretty incredible, and to be honest, beyond that point it is all going to be gravy.


In running news, I'm finding being in the 2.0 group at Fleet Feet to be challenging – super hard, but super satisfying. I honestly still can't believe that I am doing it. Saturday's group workout took us on a 2.5 mile route sandwiched between 1/4–1/2 mile warm up and cool down walks. The route itself was pretty gorgeous, winding through one of Buffalo's prettiest neighborhoods and into Delaware Park around Hoyt Lake. It was, however, also quite hilly – little baby hills all over the place that added up to quite the challenge. I did end up walking a tiny smidge up one of the last and most killer of the baby hills, but otherwise, good stuff! A mile is a mile. I seem to be settling into a 14 and change pace pretty consistently now. Not bad for this fat, old girl!

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