Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I am 45!

Happy birthday to me. 45 big ones! (Love me some horror flicks!)

I'm one of those people who happen to embrace getting older. I know myself better, I like myself better, I feel like I understand the world around me a little more, hopefully I am smarter, etc. etc.

Of course, I feel extra happy to celebrate my birthday this year because of all the fabulous changes I've made in my life since the last one. (Too bad I just started with a bad cold and I'm in the middle of my period! Ugh!)

At last weigh-in, I've lost 92 pounds total. Yes, I had an amazing drop this past week and who knows why, but I'll take it! As you know, I had a rough week last week dealing with fast food addiction and just plain eating more than I probably should, but somehow, it worked in my favor. I am definitely not looking this gift horse in the mouth, though: despite it being birthday week and having all kinds of little celebrations, I've done my best to keep things reasonable. Yesterday, for example, I knew that I was going to be noshing on a friend's homemade sweet surprise for me after dinner, so I didn't have any of the doughnuts my boss brought in the morning in honor of my special day. I was pretty proud of that. And dinner was some delicious Thai food that I saved half of for lunch today!

Today I'm not doing anything too special since I'm not feeling great. I am leaving work a little early, though, and I'm picking up a pizza from my very favorite place on the way home – along with some orange juice and vitamin C pills!

Last Thursday, I ran another 5K with my running buddy, Amy F. She registered me as a birthday present, how great is that? It was the fabulous Gay 5K in Buffalo and we had a great time. My finishing time was actually the worst I've had of the three I've run since training ended, but honestly, I was happy to just have finished the whole distance without walking at all. Three miles is still so tough for me, but I did it, and I had gorgeous drag queens waiting for me at the finish line along with my faithful friends cheering me on.

Amy F., our young pal Janice, and me before the race!
I haven't run since, but don't worry – I have not been idle! My boyfriend has been tennis crazy lately so we've been going out every day we can. It's been really fun and I'm already improving some. It is definitely hard work and I feel it!

That said, I do miss running. Ever since we shifted to our summer schedule at work, which requires me to be there 45 minutes earlier than usual, I haven't made the according adjustment to my running schedule. I really need to get on that! Hopefully I haven't gotten out of my groove or anything yet. Fortunately, my running group starts up again on the 21st so I'll be running regularly for that four times a week! I guess I shouldn't worry too much. 

On a final note, I had a great NSV this week. There are two bras that I can now wear again that I've not been able to for probably a good ten years. And they are actually pretty! Yay!

I still have well over a hundred pounds to go, but by gosh I am going to get there.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was great. Congrats on the loss.
    Wendy at fitteratfortyish.wordpress.com