Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Miscellaneous Thoughts

No Links I Love today.

I'm more in a bullet point kind of mood. Scattered thoughts.

• Not being embarrassed to wear a tank top/singlet when I am out exercising anymore! I still am not in love with my arms (I refer to them as "Peasant Stock" arms, thick and meaty), but I tell you what, I am at peace with them. Not only that, I want to be comfortable when I am doing active things – in the summertime, this means sleeveless. I'm over it.

• I had another great run this morning – on my own running two miles at a 14:33 average pace! I'd expect numbers like that running with someone else, but not solo. It's pretty exciting for me.

• I like how having an off day no longer really spells disaster. Yesterday was one of those days, but today I am fine and back to it. Off days are but a blip on the radar anymore, and that feels good.

• I get genuine yearnings to ride my bike in a meaningful way, so I should probably get going on cleaning and lubing the chain so that I can! Just the little tiny rides I have taken so far gave me such a great feeling – so freeeeeeeee!

• On Monday, I had my first appointment with my new gynecologist – my previous one retired. It was, dare I say, great! The office was super nice, friendly staff, and the doctor herself was perfection. I went to her based on a recommendation from a friend's mom and because she is just down the road from where I live. I don't feel like I could have picked anyone better, which is such a relief, and now I have an awesome GP and GYN! Best of all, my blood pressure was freaking 122/74. BAM.

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