Wednesday, July 29, 2015

100 Pounds

Well, I guess today is the day!

I'm 100 pounds down.

Caveat: Not sure this is going to stick, but 272 appeared on the scale and I'm taking it! Yesterday I had two intense workouts in fairly hot weather, and I didn't eat as much as usual, so – if this is a blip, so be it, but either way it was really cool to see the number blinking back at me this morning.

From here, I'm very excited to get firmly into the 260s.

This begins the effort to lose the next 100 pounds.

I'm just so glad that I no longer have to deal with the reality of being over 200 pounds overweight, like I was when I started. My physical life is SO much better now in so many ways. My mental state is, too, though that relates more to the exercise regimen I've built in the past year – when I can do physical things like running and playing tennis, it makes me feel like a superstar. The adrenaline counts for a lot when you're trying to lose so much weight. It carries you through.

So yes, while I know that you don't have to exercise in order to lose weight, for me it's been a necessity if only for mental/emotional reasons. It makes everything else easier to deal with.

So anyway, I am going to relish in this moment today.

(I'm even wearing a skirt with bare legs to work, first time in years and years. Hey, it's supposed to hit 90 degrees today!)


  1. Wow, what a huge milestone-a big congrats!!

  2. The fact that expending energy gives one MORE energy is so astonishing when it happens.

    I remember when I first noticed it, I'd gone on a run and then had to meet some friends and instead of getting in my car, I rode my bike, because I felt like I just needed to keep moving my body. And 6 months prior t that I never would have considered running or biking, not to mention both in one day.

    I stopped running for a long time pregnancy and post pregnancy, but I'm getting back into it now and it is so nice to get this body machine working to its full potential again.

    1. It's true, it's weird! Almost every day now I want to do at least some little active thing, unless I am just super tired, like after I ran that 4 miles on Saturday. But yes. I feel like I am transforming into a completely different person, not just physically.

  3. Congratulations! What a milestone!