Monday, July 20, 2015

In six months...

Relating to my last post, I'd like to play the future prediction game. It's fun to think about where I could be in another six months, and these thoughts help keep me motivated. So, here goes, short, but sweet!

By January 20th, I want to:

• Lose another ~50 pounds, which would put me at around 225 – wow!

• Be able to run a 10K (6.2 miles) distance easily

• Shop in regular sized clothing stores more often than not

In order to achieve these three simple goals, I am going to have to work hard. Maybe even harder than I have been. But, I'd really like to get things moving again more than they have the past few months. Part of that is being relatively lax a lot of the time. Sure, I exercise I lot, and I log my food every day, but I need to batten the hatches more if I want to get the results I really want. This means being sure to not eat more than half my exercise cals back (I try to do this now, but not always), really watching the sweets (gelato, I am looking at YOU!), avoiding buying and having snacks in the house that I end up binging on (Smartfood and Doritos, I am looking at YOU!), stuff like that. Easy fixes that I am generally doing well with, but hey, let's tighten things up, man!

Even if I do fall short of these goals, I know that I will be somewhere even better than I am now, and that is exciting in itself. Let's see what I can do... January 20th, I am coming for you!