Friday, July 3, 2015


Remember not too long ago I posted some goals for July? I have already made some progress, I am pleased to say. Here's the update.

... lose 8-10 pounds.
UPDATE: At weekly weigh-in this morning, I was down 3 pounds to 278. If I keep this up, I have a chance to surpass my initial goal for the month!

... learn how to kayak.
UPDATE: None yet. I need to check out schedules and just go for it.

... get my bicycle road-ready, suit up with some fun accessories, and ride!
UPDATE: Done! I cleaned and lubed my chain so that I can ride without fear of anything locking up after the bike's been in storage for so long. I also took some elbow grease to Chelsea (yep, that's my bike's name) and got her all cleaned up and looking pretty as ever yesterday. No cool accessories yet, but that is to come for sure.

... go on a hike, even just a short one.
UPDATE: Not yet. We're too embroiled in tennis, but I know that I will get at least one in during this month.

... play more tennis.
UPDATE: Oh yes, yes. I even decided on what racquet to buy after demoing several, and got it this week — the Head Microgel Radical Oversize. It's awesome and cool-looking (I got it restrung with black strings, too!), and helps me play better. I even won one game in a set my boyfriend and I played today!

... run four times a week.
UPDATE: Totally. I am so enjoying the challenges of my running group. This week I set down a solid foundation to get over my mental block of distances over two miles. Soon enough I think three will be as easy as two feels now – which, by the way, is not totally easy but a distance I know I can finish without too much trouble.

... include stretching and strength exercises in my regular routine.
UPDATE: The tactic my friend uses to get more strength training in while at work was great! Now I need to transfer that to home use as well. I've been off since yesterday and haven't been doing much along those lines. Still, it's better than nothing!

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