Friday, July 24, 2015

Tennis Me

At the courts last night! I tucked in my tank top because it kept riding up when
I raced across the court for a good return (or a miss, for that matter). I do a lot of ball chasing.

Pictures like these are hard to post, I admit it. But since being in the running group where there is often photo documentation posted on Facebook (gasp!), I'm getting used to seeing my body in all its glory – and even in the form-fitting superhero outfit! 

There's all kind of things I could be upset by. I've already lost almost 100 pounds, but I am still fat. That can be discouraging. But der! I was really super fat when I started, so that is kind of to be expected, I guess. But still. This is not the body I envision in my head. My mid-section is always something to grumble about, not only for how it looks (so round! Kind of cute, actually, maybe I should stop grumbling?), but also for how it bloops when I sprint. Yes, it actually makes a bloop! sound when I run fast. Annoying. 

But then, I am noticing narrower shoulders and arms than I used to have. And my always-strong legs. And my beaming smile. And my cool Volkl racquet and TWO balls! LOL. Not to mention those super-bright but awesome adidas tennies. 

We played just into dark last night, when the mosquitos started snacking on us relentlessly. It was awesome.

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