Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Not-So-Deep Thoughts

1. I had more Erbert and Gerbert's after my last post and got a full sandwich. Oh my god, NOT NECESSARY! I always think it is, but it totally isn't. Halfsies for me all the way.

2. I wrote this a couple weeks ago and forgot to share it here. It's my running story, short version.

3. Weird little physical things I'm noticing: My fingers are deflating! My earlobes are no longer pushed out like what happens when your face is fat! Yay!

4. Yesterday at our group workout, I ran continuously for 36 minutes. Holy crap! Yes, tears were shed when I completed that.

5. I'm really enjoying not thinking about the scale every morning – it's totally liberating. And now I have an extra reason to look forward to Fridays Saturdays (I'm going to switch my weigh day to keep me on track as Friday seems to have become a problem day for me. All these mind games!)

6. Signing up for races: Cinco de Mayo 5K in Lockport, NY; Run with the Rapids 5K in Niagara Falls, NY; thinking about this one and especially this 10K (still on the fence, but I love the Oatmeal and would love to go to the New Jersey race!).

Yes, I am thinking about 10Ks already!

7. Excited to get out hiking regularly again – I even splurged and got real hiking shoes, finally. They're Merrells and they're awesome. Waterproof, too!

8. Life is pretty nice.

9. Oh, and this song helped get me through a 7 minute run/30 second walk x 6 session by myself on Monday. "You can't, you won't, and you don't stop!" Nope.

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