Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Post-Easter Blues

Oh, jellybeans. I just can't quit you.

So, I don't celebrate Easter per se. But it's always fun to see the Easter candy go on sale in the stores after it's over.

Isn't it?

*sigh* Maybe not.

Yesterday on the way home, I needed to get a few things for the easy and yummy dinner I was planning to make – I think of it as a Mexican-inspired stir fry. Chicken cut into chunks, pan fried in a little olive oil, then just add a small can of corn, original Rotel tomatoes, and a can of black beans. A dash of cumin is added just before serving. It doesn't sound like much as is, but I tell you what – it was very tasty, and it's the type of thing that can be dressed up a million ways if you wanted to.

But back to the store. All the candy on sale! My favorite, jelly beans! Some chocolate bunnies. Argh. Half price. I got some, thinking that I will just pick at it, here and there.

Of course that is not a good idea for me. There is nothing wrong with having candy from time to time, but I don't need to have it so available, do I? Because when it is, I like to eat it. Sure, I'll log it. I'm very honest in my food log. That's great, but also, so what?

I ended up eating almost half my daily cals in candy today, which means less than zero left for dinner.

My plan is: have a reasonable dinner and gear up for a good day tomorrow.

Note to self: Must stop self-sabotage!

UPDATE! It's now post-dinner and I'm feeling better about things. We opted for Chinese takeout and I ordered a simple dish, a cup of chicken and string beans with no bells and whistles, just about a quarter cup of steamed rice, no eggroll. Fresh pineapple for dessert. Yes, I am over on my calorie intake for the day, but I also feel really proud that I turned the day around so that it wasn't a complete disaster. That counts for something in my book.

Now, onward.

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