Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Need to Reach Out

I feel like I am hanging by a thread today, so it's probably best that I blog. I really find that it helps me a lot in troubled times.

Sure enough, after my disaster of an eating day yesterday, I found myself up FIVE pounds! Wow. I guess I really packed it in.

So that sucked. When I told my partner, he said, "Well, it'll come off fast!" which made me feel better. It might take a couple days, but yes, it will come off. To be more proactive, today I sat down with my calendar and decided to effectively restart my diet phase. I had a few leftover days after maintenance before I see my practitioner again, so I figured that I would do a few more diet days starting today and still be OK to fit the maintenance in like I need to — two weeks' worth.

I like having a fresh start; I just wish that it was not back at the weight I started this session! Tsk.

I ate what I was supposed to today, and I even had a little bit of some physical activity in the form of art-making. It feels good to be back on my regimen, but wouldn't you know that I still have little twingy cravings every so often? The thing is, I KNOW the junk's not going to taste that great, and it's not going to make me feel good (mentally or physically!) I must break this terrible addiction. (Continued thanks to the lovely Claire for her very astute comments!)

That's about it, I guess. Just trying to stay motivated and focused. This is something I simply must do, so I will continue getting back up and brushing myself off when I fall to the ground.


  1. And if you keep on getting up again and carrying on you WILL succeed. And the carrying on will become easier. xxx

  2. I thought what Claire shared on your last post was helpful/interesting/ I could relate as well.

    I liked this, Amy, "This is something I simply must do, so I will continue getting back up and brushing myself off when I fall to the ground."
    Exactly. It's what we do! Did you talk some of your thoughts over with your practioner the other day? You mentioned you might. It seems it would be helpful to be able to put the mental part of it out there with a professional who can help empower you, & help you sort through some of it. I know even writing those thoughts and mental struggles out here on your blog are helpful as well.
    A day at a time, gf!