Thursday, March 31, 2011

Milestone redux

Woo hoo!

308.8 this morning. You know what that means? 40 pounds down. I'm thrilled.

And slightly surprised, too. While I didn't eat horribly yesterday, I went a bit out of bounds in snippets. You just never know. I just kept thinking to myself, please, PLEASE, please, get below 310. I just needed it psychologically.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a curator friend and we met at one of the best places for vegetarian fare in town (although they have meat dishes, too). The salads at Betty's are phenomenal, so I felt I was missing out on nothing by ordering the house salad with roasted vegetables and asiago with miso dressing. My friend got the same thing, and we both had a cup of the fantastic sweet potato, leek, and garlic soup. So, you see that what I ate was nothing but good stuff for anyone trying to eat healthfully, but it's not quite on plan for what I am doing... just a bit off with the sweet potato and probably the dressing.

Afterward, I met with another friend for coffee. You can bet I was tempted by the wonderful liquid treats at your typical cafe, but I stuck with a café au lait, really a compromise as I'm not supposed to have millk except for an optional tablespoon's worth with breakfast coffee or tea. With a little Equal, it tasted delish though, and again, I felt no deprivation. The conversation with my friend made it most enjoyable anyway, not what I was drinking.

Later on, I had a normal dinner — a little boneless pork chop and some roasted asparagus with one teaspoon of olive oil. Funny, since I've been measuring the oil with the teaspoon, I really find it's more than enough for the servings of veggies I make for myself, versus the full tablespoon (or more!) I used to use. For dessert I had a lovely sliced apple and a dollop of some honey roasted peanut butter from Nutty Guys to go with. Again, PB is not allowed in the diet phase but I do it sometimes anyway to no ill effect.

Finally, I had tiny bits of some of the other items I bought from Nutty Guys. Wasabi almonds, cheddar sesame sticks (these are for my partner), and worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) of all, the chocolate-covered cinnamon gummi bears. (I bought those for me to eat when I had my load days, or for small treats during maintenance.) Tiny nibbles, yes, but maybe you can see why I was a little worried about what the scale would show today. It really could have gone either way, I feel.

Anyway. The good news is I have five more weigh-ins before I start maintenance, which means that it is still perhaps possible for me to see 300 before I am through. I know, it's probably a long shot, but I am aiming high. I am ON a high! That airplane seat is not getting any bigger, after all.