Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I didn't end up doing anything at all on Sunday. Nothing, except take a really long nap and just feel crappy all day. Oh, and have Pizza Hut for dinner. Yep, my eating hasn't been the best this holiday weekend... but the universe has given me a pass so far and I've stayed at right around 326, which is fine by me for now.

I also didn't do C25K on Monday like I planned, but I did spend four hours of fairly intense lawn and garden activities. I didn't eat much at all during the day, but had a rather substantial dinner that included an 8 oz. steak, baked potato, corn on the cob, and a BBQed spare rib... I don't expect this to do damage, considering my activity level for the day. I worked hard and sweated a lot! But, we'll see. I am PMSing and therefore still feeling fairly bloated.

I took Tuesday off to make my holiday weekend extra long, but I have to say that I am kind of looking forward to settling into my old work routine, if only for a few more days. I'll be working Wednesday through Friday and Monday and Tuesday, and then I am taking a week and a half long vacation. The first few days I'll be visiting my dad in NH and I know I will be eating well (i.e. healthfully) there—my stepmom is a healthy cooking whiz and they generally don't have much to snack on there... not to mention I think I will be keeping pretty busy while I am there! That'll be really nice, almost like a spa.

The rest of the time I'll be at home doing my thing, not to mention celebrating my 39th birthday (June 9th)! No plans as of yet, but I am sorry—I will be having the cake of my choice on my birthday. I just roll like that.

While I haven't been the most diligent the past few days, I also feel like I have balanced things well so that I didn't completely do a 180. For that I am pretty proud of—one of my major goals this time around has been balance and normalization. So many blogs I read I almost have to feel bad for the authors, they seem so obsessed with exact calorie amounts, and beating themselves up over this or that. I suppose that sounds judgmental, but I can't see that as healthy behavior (knowing because I've been there myself many a time). Of course, when we are writing in our blogs we don't always paint the big picture, do we? I just have to say, even though I do track my food and weigh every day, it's more like data collection than something to judge my overall success or failure on a given day. It has been so important for me to leave behind obsessive behavior in this journey. I'm not always successful, but I do try hard. I just really pains me to read about someone feeling devastated over what's going on with her eating, or her weight. I get it, I totally do, but hope that they can get past that one day.

Well, I am up incredibly early and think I should probably get back to bed. My sleeping patterns have been a little wonky lately and I know that is not a good thing. Have to get back on a good schedule!


  1. I agree. Obsession over calories and weight is not a healthy thing. Love your attitude and just gotta say - Don't apologize for having the cake of your choice on your birthday. It should be a special occasion with a delicious treat! ;-) I hit 49 this year and can't wait for the 50th celebration! :-D

  2. I'll be away for my birthday, too (June 5) and there will be cake, or some other suitable dessert!