Friday, May 22, 2009

Just a quickie

Today is my "official" weigh in day, and it's a damn shame. This past week I saw myself down to 323.8, and today, I am up another pound from yesterday's big gain! The week's pretty much a wash with no net loss. Argh.

That's not to say I am giving up, nay.

Yesterday was the first day I've had since beginning on May 1st where I let my emotions rule my eating choices. I ate really well all day, but when I got home from work, I kind of crumbled. I've been a bit burned out at my job lately and I think the idea of having a chunk of time off (5 days) was overwhelming (in a good way, obviously), and combined with a raging case of PMS just let the floodgates open. That, along with the frustration of having crappy, noisy neighbors on one side. It all came crashing at once, and I demanded a crappy, "good" dinner at McDonald's. I was basically determined to eat a lot of junky food, and I did. Here, I will even lay it out for you, in the interest of full disclosure:

• A Double Quarter Pounder (I never had one before! I don't know why I felt the need for one this time. I wanted to eat).
• Large fries
• Large chocolate shake (I only drank about a quarter of it in the end)
• Brownie Melts

Ugh. I kind of tasted good, but not that good. And it certainly didn't fix any of my problems. I also hated how it felt sitting in my stomach, and had a wee bit of heartburn at one point.

I think I can honestly say that I won't be doing that again, at least not on that scale. Once in a while, maybe a cheeseburger, small fry and water? Fine. But not this again. Pure emotion, that was. Lesson learned.

The one pound gain I had today was actually a relief in the context of that episode.

I'm confident the gains will be quickly rectified this weekend. I've got plenty of gardening—hard stuff like digging and more—on the docket, along with C25K tomorrow and the gym on Sunday. I think I will be fine.

Anyway, I hope someone can learn something from my mistake, which is why i shared it with you. Also, to show that something like that doesn't have to be the end of the world, or the end of your healthy lifestyle goals.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. That you were only up a pound after eating such sodium-packed food is really good. My weight is always up a couple days after eating Subway.

  2. It absolutely doesn't have to be the end of everything. I'm so glad you know that and that you see it for what it was, a bump in the road.

    Wishing you smoother days ahead...