Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take Two: The Walk

So... I went for my lunch break walk. And I ended up doing 22 minutes. However, it is still bad. Maybe not as bad as the past couple days, but bad. Like, WTF? bad. Seriously. I was approaching the end of the walk and actually saying out loud, "How did I let this happen to myself?" Again, just really angry about it, too.

But I guess I will let that anger fuel my efforts. I am determined to get some weight off more than I think I ever have before, especially this first 20 pounds. That'll bring me down into a bit of a comfort zone, where I can at least talk a leisurely stroll like a normal person (because that is basically all I can manage right now).

I am guessing that the problem is the extra weight. Last year when I started exercising I weighed about 325. Maybe the extra ~10 pounds is making enough of a difference. I mean, it obviously is.

Dagnabit, I just want to feel normal again. And I WILL.

1 comment:

  1. Your walks will improve quickly. At first I could only walk to the end of my street and back: 12 minutes, I think, and feel exhausted. Now I can walk for an hour and when my knees start to feel less creaky I'm going to try C25K.