Monday, July 20, 2009

Forced "Diet"

Hi hi!

I don't know about you, but it is the quintessential Monday for me. I'm super tired from a bad night's sleep (still a little sick, a coughing fit woke me up), and I checked my bank account to find out that I am overdrawn, with no paycheck for another week and a half. FAIL. (I should be getting checks any day now for other things, but I don't have a definite date on those, so who knows.)

It's just the kind of day where someone might be really tempted to drown their sorrows in food. One upside to this financial debacle is that we also happen to have very little food in the house currently, which means... forced diet! Rationing. I suppose this could be a good thing, but it is just very frustrating. And I feel stupid because it is my own fault.

So anyway, today I had a can of chunk pineapple and the last little bit of GoLean Crunch for breakfast, and a bag of microwave popcorn for lunch. We'll be having one piece of chicken and two ears of corn on the cob each for dinner, and I will make a batch of cheese bread for later and the coming days at least. We've got rice and some pasta, lots of dried beans... I may try to make some meatless chili or something.

Honestly I really don't have too much of a problem eating like this, and scavenging around the cupboards and not eating meat. It's the mister that will be bad off, I think. And I feel bad about that. But, we'll both probably lose a little weight and I don't know. Times like this make you really appreciate what you DO have. Last week we really overindulged eating and money-wise; this is certainly a lesson in balance, if anything. This prince and pauper business gets old. I just want to live and eat like a regular person, right in between.

Wish us luck in the coming days.

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  1. Atleast you have a good way of looking at your situation! Sorry that things are rough and I hope things turn for the better soon. : )