Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oregon Blackberry Cheesecake

Yesterday after dinner, I finally got my wish for an ice cream cone! I've been wanting one for at least two weeks now, and since I've been tracking my food intake the past couple days, I knew that I had "room" for one. If you didn't already guess, the title of this post is the kind of ice cream I chose, a single scoop (though it looked like two to me, but what do I know?) on a sugar cone. It was so yummy, exactly what I'd been looking for. As I was marveling over the size of it, C. remarked that I actually used to always get the double scoop. He was right, how about that! I'm proud of the adjustments I've been making, and clearly my perception about portion sizes is changing a bit, too. That's very good news.

I came home again to a lovely dinner prepared by Chef C. We had pork chops again, but this time with a side of something that came out almost like home fries, but better: roasted potatoes and onions with our own home-grown zucchini, all mixed together with some olive oil and sea salt. Tasty and healthy! It looks like I am going to be cooking tonight, though—the chef is getting worn out! Don't know what is on the menu yet, but it has to be fast and easy. I have lots of prep to do for our trip.

Tomorrow we're headed to New Hampshire on a whirlwind trip. The main focus is to deliver some artwork to a gallery in Portsmouth, with a secondary visit with my dad in nearby Strafford. We're driving there tomorrow, delivering the work on Saturday, and heading back on Sunday! My head is spinning already. I'm not too worried about eating; my dad and stepmom are great at preparing yummy, healthy meals, and even if we do go out to eat (probably Saturday lunch), I feel well prepared to make "better" choices. If I don't? Well, there's always those hills on my dad's road to kick my butt later in the day if need be.

I also plan to bring the scale, like I planned to do last time I went away. I really won't forget it this time, swear—I really, really want to keep on track and the daily weigh helps so much in that regard. As soon as I weigh tomorrow morning, straight into the pile of travel bags it goes!

I'm especially looking forward to this trip now (all 9 driving hours of it) since I got my car worked on. It's like driving a totally new car, and it's over eight years old! Driving it now is like a dream, with my man in tow... it'll be fun.

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