Friday, July 17, 2009

Keeping Up

I don't want to not keep writing here just because I not very consciously making efforts, mainly because I haven't quit. It's just a long pause, I suppose. Hopefully soon to be over (the pause, I mean).

I'm feeling much better, but didn't sleep well last night because of the nasty cough that seems to be lingering, so I am very tired today. So glad it's the weekend.

I'm going to try at least a walk this weekend and see how it goes. Since I have some chest things going on, I am not too optimistic, but will try anyway. Hopefully I'll have a new scale this weekend and I plan on Monday being my start over date. I'm actually excited about it! I want to lose that next 20 pounds, so yes, I am excited.

Having been eating the best meals ever, but trying to keep portions reasonable and snacks out of the equation—especially at night. So not all is lost. I have held on to some important practices and principles, of which I am quite proud!


  1. Argg, get well fast, girl! Yeah, when u are sick, even a shower can be a big event.

    Be well.

  2. Hey Amy

    Just hang on in there and be super kind to yourself. I'm trying to catch up with your blog - get your health issues (particularly female issues) sorted. That must be top priority because when you are feeling low/ill/rough - food will always seem like the answer. Take it from one who knows.

    Keep going - even if it's in a holding period.

    Big kiss.

    Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxx

  3. Glad you're feeling better! I'm sure it'll feel great to get walking/running/moving down the scale again.