Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Good Good

That's how I have been feeling lately, even handling annoyances much better than usual. Like: yesterday, waiting almost an hour past my scheduled appointment time to see my doctor for a brief consultation (more on that below); this morning, waiting for my car while it got four new tires, an oil change, an inspection, and *groan* a new control arm and link pin on the suspension (I think?)... to the tune of almost $800 dollars total. Fortunately I just got paid by a couple freelance gigs, which helped, but it still sucks. Point is, I am handling things better lately. Like I have some sort of inner peace thing going or something. And at least my car drives better than it has in a long time!

So yesterday's doctor visit was regarding my crazy, never-ending period. Since the beginning of June, there has only been one week when I wasn't bleeding some quantity or another. During this consult, doc said he would try a higher dose birth control pill to see if it helps. If it doesn't, he wants to do a biopsy and sonogram to see if I have some polyps. Ich. Sounds bad, but not really... polyps aren't super serious and rarely come up cancerous. Of course, I am hoping that this new kind of pill helps the situation. We'll see. The one high point of the visit was that doc was impressed with my weight loss! Ha. Also, I made a mental note of the doctor's scale reading so I could weigh myself on my scale when I got home; turns out that my scale is pretty much spot on.

However, said scale is back up to its old shenanigans where I have to do this crazy dance in order to get a reading. It doesn't really bother me much, means I don't have to buy a new one as long as I get a number, but... eh.

In other news, C. has really been stepping up to the plate lately and being very helpful around the house. The biggest best thing he's been doing for a couple days now is MAKING DINNER!!! This is such a big help for me, as it means that I can just walk in the door, sit down, and eat—just like a man in the 50s! Ha ha. Seriously, though, C. also has some serious cooking chops, I think. He made an awesome pork dish that involved a pineapple salsa that was to die for. Today, he's taking the one fresh zucchini I picked from the garden this morning and incorporating it into a side dish that involves potatoes, onion, and garlic, along with more pork (it was on sale, heh). I could get totally used to this! We also eat way better this way, the more we can cook at home.

Despite having awakened feeling totally bloated and disgusting (TOM plus starting a new pill last night), I weighed in at 313.4, one pound less than yesterday. This was a happy surprise! I feel at least five pounds heavier than that.

I don't know exactly where this upbeat outlook is coming from, but I like it and hope I can keep it up.

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