Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unsure, but Hopeful

Hm... interesting.

I tried the "broken" scale again this morning, just to see if maybe it changed its mind. Well, it didn't. When you press the button, it still goes through this cycle: Previous weight, then "ERR". You're supposed to get a "00" instead of the "ERR", and then step on the scale to be weighed. When it was working, it would then cycle through with a series of moving "0"s and then display your current weight.

Well, I decided to try to get on the scale at the "ERR" and see if anything happened. Sure enough, it cycled through, and I got a weight reading.

But I don't know if it is right! I really hope it is... it said 315.6.

Based on how my pants fit, I'd guess that it is totally possible. Which would be awesome! I just don't want to get too excited about it if it is just plain broken and being random.

*sigh* I really want to get a new scale.

In other news, our forced diet is going just fine. Last night's chili ended up being vegetarian because I didn't stop at the store for meat; unfortunately that meant I didn't get a red bell pepper, either, which I think really helps the flavor. I did the best with what we had on hand, and the result was... edible. OK. It didn't really taste like chili, it just tasted like a very spicy bean dish. We've both eaten worse, and at least we have food to eat for another day or two.

The best thing was that since I didn't care much for it, I didn't eat as much either.

I don't know, it's not so bad. I don't really even feel deprived. I'm more concerned about making our pennies stretch, so eating less or eating something I don't like as much seems fairly easy to do. Go figure!

You learn something new every day if you're not careful.


  1. Love, love chili even the veg kind! My scale is broke I think and I don't have the ERR. It gives me completely different numbers everytime I step on it. So I decided just to take the average. I sure wish they were more accurate!!

  2. Yes, friend, I do think I am still fat. I think I have at least 20 more pounds to lose. I do like what I do for exercise and I do other things as well that are enjoyable like bike riding and kayaking. I screwed up today. Overate knowingly and now I feel like crap. Uugghh...