Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The scale worked normally this morning! Maybe just using it and using it made it work out its kinks.

Also, I have been telling C. that I want to go out for an ice cream cone SO BAD. And I could if I wanted, I can... but every time I have the chance, I'm like... nah... maybe another day.

What is up with that? Ice cream is like, my favorite.

Just weighing the cause and effect and keep deciding that I prefer the effect of not eating ice cream over eating it. At least for now.

Not bad!

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  1. Now THIS is impressive! Woooo hoo!

    Someone had a good post recently about making the right decision/choice which can only take a split second...I think it was Lyn over at "Escape from Obesity". She was talking about wanting to eat a no-no, and quickly throwing it in the trash.

    It has helped me this week to think about that, and think about in a split second I can choose to walk past baked goods in the store, or throw something away, etc. Helpful visual. But YOU are making wise choices bc you want that number on the scale so badly. Wonderful.