Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 39th

It was my 39th birthday today, but it was no big deal. We haven't been making any sort of deal out of our birthdays the past few years, so it was a really laid back day that consisted of a long nap, me making my favorite meal (black bean and beef burritos), and taking a two mile walk. I was actually kind of glum for most of the day for no good reason, and I have to say that the walk really made me feel better.

And no, I am not upset about turning 39, or getting older. I genuinely feel just fine about getting older, because the older I get, the more I seem to figure things out and feel more comfortable with myself. It's been a long road that will continue on until the day I die, but I do feel like it gets easier in many ways...

Anyway, my weight held steady while away on vacation. Today I weighed in at 320.2. I had wanted to be under 320 on my birthday, but I am fine with it. I've got a couple entries to add here (backdated), but in short I was able to get a couple good workouts in, and my food intake was pretty on target.

Hope everyone is doing well, and sorry for the brief post after so many days away. I should be back in the swing shortly, promise!

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  1. Happy Birthday! To be within 0.2 pounds of your birthday goal is a HUGE SUCCESS in my eyes! Congrats!