Monday, June 1, 2009

Month #2

Today marks the beginning of the second month into my new lifestyle. It's been grand so far, and I expect that it will only get better as time goes on. I feel myself getting stronger and more capable every day, which is great.

This morning I weighed in a pound heavier than yesterday, but still just under 320, so yay! I wasn't really too surprised since it is now that TOM, and I already see a monthly pattern on my Physics Diet graph. If this cycle is like the last, it looks like I might be plateauing for a week and half or so... but, we'll see. I anticipate a lot of physical activity while I am visiting my dad in New Hampshire later this week and know that I will be eating quite healthfully. I'm even going to bring my scale with me so that I can be sure I am staying on track! Dedicated, I am.

Not too much else to say today. It's a true Monday by all means and I am feeling sluggish and antsy all at once. I did start out the day well with an almost two mile walk, at a faster pace than my run-walks were until last week! I really booked, but also tried to really enjoy myself and just get my blood pumping. I'm finding that these days, a day without any sort of physical activity—whether it be walking or running, going to the gym, or working in the yard—just doesn't feel right. That's an awesome thing! I worked really hard last month to establish that good habit, and it seems to have worked!

I also know for a fact that my (nearly) daily blogging has helped tremendously, keeping me accountable and very in touch with what has been going on with my body. C'mon, bloggers! Write more often!

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