Saturday, June 6, 2009

Post from NH, Part 3

Yesterday I did C25K from dad's house to the where the dirt road begins on Ricky Nelson Rd., time right about 30 minutes. Today I "just" walked the same route in 35 minutes. It is killer, let me tell you! But I have a feeling that when I return to my regular routes at home, they're going to seem super easy in comparison. It was good to shake things up at this point in my progress. Normally I would start a new week on C25K on a Saturday, but considering the difficulty of the route I have access to, I decided that I will start Week 5 on Monday at home, and finish it up on any of a combination of days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Week 6 will begin on Saturday next week as usual.

When I woke up this morning I wasn't sure that I was going to exercise at all. I didn't really feel like it. But, I told myself that after last night's eating transgression, wouldn't it be better to do *something* to counterbalance it? It might not totally cancel it out, but it would make up a little bit for it, at least. And I knew it would just make me feel better in the end overall. So, I said to myself, just go out ten minutes and come back ten minutes. It's not much, but it's something. Plus, I have knew that once I got going I'd probably go beyond that. It's my little trick—allow yourself to do the minimum so that you're at least doing something, but chances are you'll end up doing more. And that is what happened. I had a good, brisk walk up and down the hills for a 35 minute workout, totally sweaty. So good on me. I feel much better now about yesterday, today, and things overall. I love how exercise can really change your perspective and make you feel so strong and accomplished.

Well, I'd better get going, get cleaned up and head out to camp to catch up with my dad and everyone else! I'll be eating cookout food all day, probably. At least I started the day out right.


Food tally:

English muffin with butter
two eggs
one piece of sausage
no fat yogurt
slice of strawberry rhubarb pie

One hot dog on bun

A few pieces of roasted chicken
tortellini salad (with lots of veggies)
peas in butter
corn on the cob
a taste of cole slaw (didn't like it, so didn't eat much)

One slice of chocolate raspberry birthday cake

Water, water, water

Overall a decent day. The walk in the morning helped set a good tone, and being around other people all day helped, too.

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