Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ho hum

Today was an OK day as far as the reason for this blog goes. Neither here nor there?

More burritos for breakfast, then a little later some yogurt and cereal, and then much later some BBQ potato chips (I was hungry), and then a light dinner of BBQ chicken, baked beans, and some corn on the cob. Add to that mix a couple hours' worth of heavy-duty gardening (i.e. wrastling a well-established holly bush out of the ground, oof! plus lots of other stuff) and LOTS of water (thirsty!), I think I am in an OK place. I guess we'll see how weigh-in goes tomorrow. This morning I pretty much stayed the same from yesterday, so still just over 320. I have to expect that, I guess, since I haven't been all like full-on about things since I've been on vacation. I haven't been terrible or totally off-track, though either. Not even on my birthday!

So yeah. I'm feeling OK about things but wonder if I should try to track my food again tomorrow, just to really get back on track and try to get the scale to move again... then again, referring to my Physics Diet graph, I see a pattern that shows going through a plateau right now might be normal. If things go the way they did last month, I should be seeing some more losses in a few days as long as I stay on track. We'll see. At least I know that I am nowhere near giving up on anything, no way, no how.

I am still fully committed.

I expect to succeed.

I expect that I will see the 200s by the end of the summer.

I expect that I will do this.

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