Monday, June 29, 2009

Still in the Green

Yesterday and today I am back up in the 318, which is... whatever! It's OK. 318.2, to be exact, so really, fine. I can still easily drop those extra two pounds plus some, and again, I think my hormones are screwing things up, too. I am now into my next TOM, which I knew would happen. Ugh. A whole month of TOM, plus! It's amazing that I've done as well as I have, looking back on it. Hey, I am still in the green on my Physics Diet chart, and honestly? That's really all that matters to me. If the trending is headed downward, then it's all good.

I felt way too crappy for a run yesterday, and this morning I did some catching up on housework instead of "real" exercise—but dude, I don't know! I really worked up a good sweat in the half hour I cleaned, so whatever. I am hoping to not feel too queasy for a run tomorrow morning. It'll be a 25 minute one, yikes!

We won't talk about my eating, because honestly, is there anything worse than reading a weight-loss blog that talks about all the foods that you really don't want to be thinking about? So I won't tell you about all the crap I've been ingesting, suffice it to say that I have been ingesting mainly crap. Thank goodness for being active, and for being able to at least not eat so much crap when I do eat it. I tend to be a slow eater, and especially lately have also tried to be extra mindful of my portions, so I have that working for me, anyway.

I actually did get quite a bit more activity in this morning. I took a 1/2 vacation day from my regular job to teach a short class at a summer camp at one of the area's art museums. It was just for about two hours, but not only was I on my feet that whole time keeping up with 18 kids with an average age of eight or nine, but I also had to park a ways away from where I needed to be (it's on a college campus, you know how that goes!) so I got some extra walking in. By the time I got back to my car afterward, I was sweating like a cold glass on a hot day. And I get to do it again two more times in the coming week! I don't know how grade school teachers do what they do all day, every day. Hats off to them!

For now I am relieved to be sitting in my air-conditioned cube (that's another thing—the museum atmosphere almost always makes me feel ill, with its climate control) and doing designy things and not talking to anyone. I think when I get home tonight some lawn work is in order, unless it's raining... more opportunity for exercise! I have to take it however I can get it.

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  1. Your last sentence says it all. Some days it seems we can get it ALL right, and other days, we just have to recognize the successes we DO have and keep moving.

    So, keep moving and don't look back! :)