Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holding Steady

Weighed in at 321 even this morning, which is fine *sigh*. No really. I am on vacation and my routine has all but up and went, so I consider this an achievement. Now I am readjusting my most recent goal (which was to be under 320, maybe even 315 by my birthday) to be steady downward toward 315 by the time I return to work on Monday. Which basically means anything under 320 would be lovely. But honestly, if I am being really dorky about something as stupid and abstract as a number on a scale, I'd like to see 318.4 by Friday, which is totally doable considering how things have been going. I know it sounds random, but it's not. Bonus points if you can guess why.

I suppose today that my eating wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't the worst, either. In the spirit of my backdated entries from my vacation (of which there are three for your reading pleasure), here's what went into the old piehole today:

Two small black bean and beef burritos topped with cheese and sour cream (yes, for breakfast—leftovers from my birthday dinner!)

8-10 oz of steak, one ear of corn on the cob, and two and a half hamburger rolls with butter

a small dish of strawberries that were "marinated" in sugar overnight

My guess is that I landed right around my calorie limit for the day, maybe a little over. I haven't been tracking on TDP since I went away to New Hampshire. No worries, I plan to get back to that sooner than later, but for now? I'm enjoying a little freedom from diligent food tracking.

My saving grace today was that I spent a good several hours doing yardwork and gardening, and sweating profusely to prove it, so I'm not feeling bad about anything.

Quite the opposite, really. I feel pretty good. I can really feel some physical differences in my body, and when I got back from New Hampshire, C. said he noticed, too. I thought that I would lose a few pounds and was a bit disappointed when I didn't, but mostly I felt good about how things went while I was away and the efforts I made and continue to make while I am at home.

Tomorrow I've got more plans for outside work/play, so it's going to be a very active day. I've gone on a light C25K hiatus, but am excited about starting Week 5 very soon. Pretty soon it's going to be straight running, awesome! Who knows, I may end up doing it tomorrow after all.

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