Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HYC Checkin-in: Son of a... Wake Up!

Ugh. The scale was not kind this morning. I'm still under 320, thank goodness, but not by much. I guess it is safe to say that the crappy eating is really catching up to me and that this is my wake up call.

Point taken.

I really do think part of the problem is my "female issues" right now, but there is also no denying that my eating habits have not been the best, as I have been saying over and over and over... when is it going to be time that I will actually do something about instead?

Well, today. My goal today is to stay on track, eating-wise. No loosey-goosey today, just for one day if I can. I will.

Unfortunately I was feeling totally crappy with cramping and all that fun stuff, so no run. OK, part of it is fear (25 minutes of running! Can I do that yet???) but really, honestly, my legs felt like lead this morning. There was just no way. I'm shooting for tomorrow to have a go at it, so we'll see. If anything, I have GOT to get a nice walk in, whether it is outside or at the gym. It's been raining a lot lately.

I'll probably check back in later and let you know how it is going, but in the meantime, I could use as much rah-rahing as you can muster.


  1. I just started reading your blog because I did Couch to 5K too and I'm always interested in other people's experiences. I'm also trying to lose weight, which is another constant struggle. I found I had a real mental block against the 28 minute run. I got through the 25 but could not make myself do the 28. So I started taking walking breaks, as promoted by Jeff Galloway, and I did much better. I still jogged the prescribed time but I had a chance to regroup and catch my breath. Maybe some people think this is "cheating" but I just finished a 5K under my goal time of 38 minutes with this method.

    Whatever you do, just don't give up. I know it is discouraging to work and work and not see the results. But I always ask myself, "What's the alternative?" I look forward to hearing about your continued success.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for the encouraging words! I can tell you one thing for absolute sure is that I will not be giving up on the running. I enjoy it too much. I don't really know what I am afraid of since I have done C25K before successfully and have run for an hour at a time in the past!

    I've heard of Jeff Galloway's method and know of someone who has run that way very successfully. I will think about trying that if my next run goes poorly.

    I totally agree with you on your question: "What's the alternative?" It's an easy one to answer and I know what on which side I want to stay. :)

  3. Hi there - Keep going. Decide that you're going to eat well and exercise just for today. MAKE yourself exercise when you have the female issues. I have really awful cramps about every 2 months or so but I have found (despite not wanting to believe this shit at ALL) that exercising actually HELPS the pain. So depressing (as I would rather sit in bed with 5 ice cream sandwiches) but TRUE. Keep going, you're doing great.

  4. Hope that you had a better eating day and that you're feeling better . . . well enough to keep up your amazing progress on the C25K tomorrow.

    You can definitely do this . . . keep going!